Training The Next Generation Of SMP Technicians

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is growing in popularity, and the demand for highly skilled technicians has never been higher. Limited opportunities exist for technicians to train with Lisa Millington and develop the understanding and precision needed to perform this popular hair loss solution.

Lisa Millington, the lead technician at Precision Scalp, was an early adopter of cosmetic tattooing and SMP. She’s been a highly sought-after trainer for the last ten years and was the Melbourne College of Cosmetic Tattoo founder.

Today, Lisa runs the Lisa Millington Cosmetic Tattoo and Training Academy, enabling her to conduct onsite training from her Pascoe Vale South clinic.

Lisa herself has trained with some of the most elite Scalp Micropigmentation tattoo artists from the USA and Australasia. She’s been a Cosmetic Tattooist for more than two decades and has been refining her technique as a qualified SMP technician for the last ten years.

Precision Matters

The technique of both cosmetic tattooing and SMP is a fine art — one that Lisa takes very seriously. Given the long-lasting nature of the results, she’s determined to make sure her new students are trained to perform high-quality Scalp Micropigmentation treatments.

“It’s rewarding to see the outcome of exceptional Scalp Micropigmentation. Not only does the client feel better about how they look, but we often see a noticeable change in their confidence and the way they carry themselves,” said Lisa.


However, on the flip side, poorly performed SMP can leave a client feeling even worse about their appearance. This is why technicians need to master the SMP technique, and why training with Lisa is so in-demand.

Lisa limits her SMP courses to two students, and over five intensive days, she teaches them everything they need to know about the treatment, pigment matching and the art of SMP. She also still regularly performs SMP treatments herself and has many happy clients all around Melbourne.

With the belief that education is a continuous journey, Lisa’s graduates receive ongoing mentoring and support, ensuring the high standard of SMP she has taught them continues.

Upcoming Opportunities

To be accepted to train with Lisa, students need to have a great attitude, solid work ethic, close attention to detail and ample patience. Her SMP course is for beginners and includes a starter kit, machine and accessories needed to perform SMP.

For more information about training, please see our Training page for upcoming SMP course details, prices, dates and availability.

If you’ve got questions about SMP, either as something you’d like to be trained in or as a treatment for your own hair loss, get in touch with the Precision Scalp team to discuss your needs.

Micro Pigmentation

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