Scalp Micropigmentation

SMP For Women

Help Diffuse Thinning

Women’s hair loss can be caused due to medications, medical conditions, stress, diet deficiencies or major hormonal changes such as childbirth or menopause. Women rarely experience receding and female hair loss does not usually lead to full baldness. Women usually suffer from low density across the whole head.

For anyone, it is upsetting to lose your hair, but women usually treat their hair like their identity and to lose it could be devastating. Scalp micropigmentation is the perfect solution. The pigment is implanted in between the existing hair to reduce the contrast between hair and skin. The hair will then look thicker and the thinning will be practically unnoticeable to those who do not know you have had the treatment; you will once again have natural-looking density.

women and hair loss

Take Control Take Back Your Hairline

If you’ve suffered from the effects of hair loss for too long, it’s time to take back your hairline. Scalp Micropigmentation can help you do that, give us a call and let’s get talking about how we can help you.