Scalp Micropigmentation

What Can SMP Do For Me?

Cover Hair Loss With This Revolutionary Treatment

Scalp micropigmentation has vastly become the world’s leading hair loss solution. This non-invasive, non-surgical treatment is done by depositing pigment into the scalp using a special cosmetic machine. There is a gradual build-up of layering, density, definition, shading and blending over 3-4 treatment sessions. This technique builds a natural look that has a 3D realism layered result.

This life-changing procedure is bringing confidence back to people across the world such as those with pattern baldness, alopecia, medications that cause hair loss, the list goes on. Unfortunately, scalp micropigmentation is not a cure for hair loss but it will give you guaranteed results for camouflaging receding, thinning or bald scalps.

Help Male Pattern Baldness

Help Diffuse Thinning

Help Hair Transplant Scars & Alopecia Areata

Take Control Take Back Your Hairline

If you’ve suffered from the effects of hair loss for too long, it’s time to take back your hairline. Scalp Micropigmentation can help you do that, give us a call and let’s get talking about how we can help you.