Meet The Team

About Lisa Millington

Lead Artist

Lisa Millington has been operating in Melbourne for over 25 years as a Cosmetic Tattooist and for 15 years as a trainer. 

Lisa has created her own personalised cosmetic tattooing methods which she is known for Australia-wide. Lisa has trained with some of the best in the Cosmetic Tattoo industry all over the world and is very passionate about the way she works helping clients obtain results beyond their imagination.

ICCON UK certified

About Lisa Precision Scalp

About Art East

Senior SMP Technician

Art East is our senior SMP technician with over 4 years of experience. Art is a scalp micropigmentation artist with a passion for his craft. His attention to detail and realism is evident in his work, which has earned him a number of high-profile clients. 

Art is known for his ability to create natural-looking hairlines, and his consistent perfectionism ensures that his customers always leave satisfied. Art’s passion is restoring his client’s confidence, whether they are dealing with thinning, balding or transplant scarring.

standout accredited trainer

SMP and Cosmetic Tattoo Artist for 25 years

  • The Academy – 2002

  • Beauty Therapy Training

  • Permanent Makeup Centre Sandy Bowers 2004

  • Beginners Training Course

  • Permanent Makeup Centre Sandy Bowers 2005

  • Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo Training Course

  • Permanent Makeup Centre Sandy Bowers 2005

  • Para Medical Cosmetic Tattoo Training Course

  • Areola and Scar Camouflage

  • MBC Cosmetic Tattoo

  • Advanced Training Eyebrows Eyeliner Full Lip Skin Needling

  • Kolorsource USA Dr Linda Dixon

  • Diploma in Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lash Enhancement, Full Lip and Lip Liner

  • Kolorsource USA Dr Linda Dixon

  • Diploma in Eyebrow Hair Simulation

  • Kolorsource USA Dr Linda Dixon

  • Diploma in Nipple Areola Creation, Designer Shaded Eyeliner, Tattoo Colour Removal

  • Digital Machine Training – Slope Needle Training Skin Needling

  • Bio Touch Institute USA – 2008

  • Diploma in Feather Touch Eyebrow Hair Simulation/Microblading

  • Association of Cosmetic Tattoo USA Trainer Jeannie Lusby 2010

  • Diploma in Designer Eyeliner, Eyeshadow Effects, Advanced Techniques

  • Beau Institute founder Rose Marie Beauchemin – 2011 – Advanced Cosmetic tattoo treatments

  • Shaded Eyeliner, advanced brow techniques, areola complex, corrections, Facial Morphology, Make-over artistry.

  • Master Class Nouveau Contour – by Marcel Reintjens 2012

  • Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo Treatments

  • Master Class of Cosmetic Tattooing – Dr Linda Dixon – international Trainer from Kolorsource Hawaii – Micro blading brows, Eyeliner and Correction 2015

  • Master Class of Micro blading International Branko Babic Miami USA

  • Creating Japanese Style Eyebrows – Micro Blading – Certified by Branko Babic – 2015

  • Rusen Denmoz – Powder Brow and Ombre Seminar

  • Certificate of Achievement in Scalp Micropigmentation – ScalpCo USA – 2018

Take Control Take Back Your Hairline

If you’ve suffered from the effects of hair loss for too long, it’s time to take back your hairline. Scalp Micropigmentation can help you do that, give us a call and let’s get talking about how we can help you.

Who Are We?

Meet Our Expert Team

Here at Precision our artists have worked in the cosmetic tattooing industry for the past 25 years. Lisa, the founder of Precision, is known worldwide for her own personalized cosmetic tattoo methods that she has created and over the last 15 years Lisa has become one of Australia’s most in demand trainers. Some of the best cosmetic tattoo artists across the world have been trained by Lisa. She encourages and mentors students to become the best they can.