Phoebes Story – Training to Become an SMP Technician

Phoebes Story

Phoebes Story: Cosmetic tattooing is a growing industry, and the specialist area of scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is taking centre stage.

Training students to become first-class SMP technicians takes a particular set of skills, patience, and of course, teaching ability. Lisa Millington, Lead Technician at Precision Scalp, has all of these qualities, and it’s what makes her SMP training courses so unique.

Phoebe Randell entered the beauty industry after training in SMP with Lisa Millington in February 2020.

The five-day intensive course involves practical, hands-on learning covering everything students need to know to run a successful SMP business. They also receive all the tools needed to start performing SMP once they are qualified.

Topics Covered

Students learn the ins and outs of hair loss, the background to different hair loss treatments and in what circumstances SMP is appropriate. They are taught everything they need to know about SMP and how to use it in their business, and what follows is a general overview of how a course runs.

Before starting to learn the practical steps of SMP, the students learn how to set up their clinic and the SMP machine for optimal client comfort and safety. They cover how the machine and pigment work, and what to discuss in client consultation. Lisa instructs them on how to make sure clients are informed and comfortable with the procedure, including pain control, pre-care and after-care.

The first two days of the course allow for plenty of practice as the students become more confident with the technique.

Students are taught how to create the perfect result for their clients, which includes hairline and temple design, choosing and mixing appropriate ink, and correcting treatments completed by other clinics.

They are supervised by performing numerous treatments on models as Lisa ensures their technique is correct and the results are as expected. Once the five days are over, students have a thorough and complete knowledge of the best SMP technique.

Expert Mentoring

Phoebe said the five days were packed with information, but Lisa took the time to ensure students were totally competent in each step of the process.

“Lisa is an amazing tutor,” said Phoebe. “She’s patient, easy to understand, and the thing I love most is she offers ongoing support.”

This ongoing contact is what sets Lisa apart from many trainers. It’s a way to ensure students not only leave the course feeling confident and skilled to perform scalp micropigmentation but also have easy access to support when they’re back in their own business.

After they complete the course, students have access to beds at Lisa’s clinic to complete final touchups under her guidance. Qualified students can also hire beds to perform treatments on their own clients, meaning they can dive straight into the industry once their training is complete.

Lisa is somewhat of a master in cosmetic tattooing and training (she’s been doing it for more than two decades), but she still understands the commitment needed for students to develop the skill.

“In the five-day intensive course, I teach students everything they need to know to be highly skilled SMP technicians,” said Lisa. “If questions arise later, my students are always welcome to get in touch with me. Scalp tattoos last a long time, so it’s crucial those who apply them know what they’re doing.”

Lisa’s SMP students get her undivided attention, with each course limited to just two participants. This ensures Lisa can give her students the same attention to detail she is known for as a technician, and her graduates leave with the expert skills synonymous with Precision Scalp.

For more information about the SMP course or to apply to do this training yourself, visit

phoebes story

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