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Thanks Lisa for using me as your model, people can't tell that my head was cosmetic tattooed, even when I tell them that I got it done. When people look closely they say how wonderful it looks and they can't see the difference, you are a master at what you do Lisa and if people reading this are hesitant about getting their head cosmetically tattooed, don't be, you will be amazed at the difference it makes for your looks. It is worth the hours spent laying there minimal pain for having a head full of hair once again and feeling good about yourself.
- John


Thank you so much for all your precise hard work & dedication and simply making your clients feel great. We really appreciate your time and effort. Neil is so happy with the end result - it looks fantastic, he is more confident in himself and everyone just loves it. We would highly recommend you to anyone wanting scalp micropigmentation, you truly are the best in your field.

- Neil & Roberta



I would highly recommend Lisa with SMP, I had my own scalp done. Lisa did a awesome job and has completely transformed my appearance . Lisa is very professional and a perfectionist, she made my experience with her very comfortable. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get this done to call Lisa.
- Simon

About 6 to 8 months ago, I was recommended by a friend to give Lisa Millington a call of which I did and it was a call that changed my life. I am a 54 year old male that has been losing my hair over the last 20 years. It had got to the point that I had to start getting a number 1 head shave all over from the barber to disguise the bald spots that had started to appear, although I wasn’t totally bald it was very clear that it was heading that way in places on my head. So I met up with Lisa and she took me through the steps of micro-scalp pigmentation process. I was sceptical at first but her professionalism and complete explanation of the process increased my confidence, so I agreed to start it. It was amazing even from the first session I could see a vast difference, then after the 4 sessions the transition was complete. It is truly amazing changing my life, I became more confident in myself prompting me to become fit and lose 34kg in the meantime. Please believe me it is one of the best things that has happen in my life. I would recommend anyone to do this, it works and won’t break the bank. You are in total professional hands, so give Lisa a call and get started you won’t regret it.

- Tim